RED FOX Fox Den found on Home Site in Bethesda Md. 3 to 4 MONTH OLD FEMALE RED FOX Adult Red Fox trapped near Clarksburg, Md.

Wild Habitat - Red Fox (Vulpes fulva) Gestation 52-53 days, Litter Size 5 to 6 cubs Length 36 to 42 in., Weight approximately 15 lb., Life Span up to 12 years. The Red Fox is presently keeping a stable population. In Maryland Foxes comprise about 5% of the confirmed rabies cases. It is important to avoid physical contact with wild animals and report animal bites to your health department.

 Physical characteristics - Red foxes are distinguished by black ears and feet and the tip of the tail is white. Its coat is usually a rusty red or reddish-brown. The Gray Fox is the only other fox in the state of Maryland. Its coat is grey in color with a black tipped tail. It is also smaller than the Red Fox. The fox has great alertness and keen senses of smell, hearing, and sight enabling it to live close to human habitat without being easily noticed. The Red Fox is able to run very fast on relative short legs reaching a speed of up to 30 mph.. It is the smallest member of the canine family. It has triangular ears. Its fur is thick had has a long bushy tail. The Red Fox is able to adapt to very diverse climate and habitat and are spread over nearly the entire United States. Although the Red Fox rarely live past 5 years some under favorable conditions live to the ripe old age of 12. The fox usually occupy a territory of 3 to 8 square km,. and have several dens within this range. These dens are for protections and shelter.

Hunting and Feeding - Foxes are omnivores, eating small mammals, birds, and fruit such as orange and apple peels, tomatoes, bananas, bread, bird seed and any other discarded human food.

Reproduction - Breeding usually takes place in mid-December and mid-February. After a gestation of 52-53 days 5 to 6 cubs are born blind and helpless. Both parents assist in the rearing of the cubs for the first 5 weeks. After approximately  five weeks the cubs are usually weaned and are allowed to venture out side of the den. The summer months are a time for learning to hunt and fend for themselves. The male members of the fox family are not allowed to stay with the mother fox. 

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